March 30, 2007

US Shows World's Despots a Way to Legalize Torture

The story says it all. David Hicks gagged before vote | The Daily Telegraph
As part of his agreement which was signed before he appeared in the US military commission on Tuesday he has agreed that he was never illegally treated by any person while in US custody. It means Hicks can no longer claim he was mistreated by the US after he was captured in December 2001 in Afghanistan and taken to Guantanamo Bay.
Just as the US democracy was showing revival signs with the Democratic congress reinstating constitutional checks and balances to hold the Executive accountable for its muzzling of federal prosecutors and widespread espionage on US citizen bypassing the FISA, we now have this. While American taxpayers' money continues to be used to kill tens of thousands of innocent people in a war that has cost more American lives than in 9/11, we have the military courts preside over this way out as Gitmo's closure and consequent release of hundreds held without a trial or charges becomes imminent.

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Sanjay D said...

The story is slowly beginning to unravel. It leads the trail back to the US Vice President and will one day establish justice for Hicks and putting constitutional curbs back on monarchical powers Bush and Cheney briefly assumed.

Pushing the Envelope

"At every stage since his capture, as he changed taxis at the Afghan-Pakistan border, Hicks had crossed a legal landscape that Cheney did more than anyone to reshape. He was Detainee 002 at Guantanamo Bay, arriving on opening day at an asserted no man's land beyond the reach of sovereign law. Interrogators questioned him under guidelines that gave legal cover to the infliction of pain and fear -- and, according to an affidavit filed by British lawyer Steven Grosz, Hicks was subjected to beatings, sodomy with a foreign object, sensory deprivation, disorienting drugs and prolonged shackling in painful positions."