December 08, 2006

Iraq, Afghanistan setbacks and occupiers of other people's lands

The following article mentions in passing that the Iraqi quagmire sends a warning to occupiers of other peoples' lands: Iraqi Quagmire Haunts NATO Riga Summit By K Gajendra Singh
Russia is the only power which even now can thwart US moves and military power. But it was the Iraqi resistance in Iraq which exposed the limits of US military power sending a resounding warning to aggressors and occupiers of other people's lands .A resurgent Talebans with Pakistani acquiescence are doing the same to embattled Nato forces in Afghanistan. While other subjects were discussed at Riga , Afghanistan has now became Nato's major preoccupation and a veritable hot potato.

While I can't agree with everything in the article, I'm wholeheartedly behind the idea that "aggressors and occupiers of other people's lands" must continuously be demoralized.

So it was good the Soviet Union crumbled under its own weight of far flung occupations in Central Asia, Baltics and Eastern Europe. It is good the US exits out of the middle east soon. It is good India had the sense to leave Bangladesh pronto and did so involuntarily in Sri Lanka.

On balance, no spy agencies, regional or global super powers are ever short on dirty tricks and degenerate morals arising out of short-sighted self interest. Their evil doings are usually limited by competence, resources or oversight by civilians that ultimately answer to the electorate.

India has fortunately opted for the western model so dictatorial elements are kicked out sooner or later. Indians don't need the iron fist of the Soviet Politburo that used the gulags to kill millions of its own people or Putin's capitalist dictatorship that gobbles billionaires and kills reporters with impunity.

As much as the US interventions in Iraq are a great lesson for India what not to do, the Russian mafia rule certainly does not offer anything to look up to.

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