June 08, 2006

Saudi Arabia Upholds Secularism!!

It doesn't get better than this. Just as we have Syria, China, Saudi Arabia and a host others carrying out the vaunted international responsibilities of running UN's Human Rights Panels, just as we have dictators in Pakistan, Cuba and elsewhere singing praises of the values of Democracy, now we have Saudi Arabia, home of the world's most theocratic system, lauding the values of Secularism. Sweet!!

In case you were thinking Saudi Arabia is into religious freedom for its own non-Muslims, I've an instant Doctorate in Naivete to sell you.

Saudi Arabia is praising a visiting Indian Human Resources Development Minister, a much reviled figure back home for his polarization of the Indian society along caste lines, for keeping India Secular.

Why is it so important for the Saudis? Well, they love it when a predominantly Hindu culture treats its minorities -- the biggest of all Muslims -- infinitely better than Saudis treat their own infidels:

Arjun Singh's 'secular character' praised

Riyadh, June 1: The Saudi media has heaped praise on the visiting Union Minister for Human Resource and Development Arjun Singh, describing him as a very ‘seasoned politician’ and an ‘icon of Indian secularism’.

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